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Amazon dominates IaaS, but the PaaS market is up for grabs

AWS reigns king in the IaaS market; however, the PaaS market is muddier. David Linthicum discusses this and cloud performance issues in this podcast.

In spite of increasing competition from vendors such as Google and Microsoft, Amazon Web Services is the undisputed champion of the IaaS market. The PaaS market, however, may not be as conclusive. David Linthicum and his guest Bernard Golden, vice president of cloud management at software provider Enstratius Inc., owned by Dell, discuss an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) revenue report by Synergy Resource Group LLC, and what that means for cloud providers and their users.

Linthicum and Golden also delve into the ongoing cloud performance debate and Windows Azure's availability issues. In this podcast, the topics discussed include the following:

1. Other IaaS providers are getting pounded into the ground by Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS). People seemed to think AWS couldn't compete in the enterprise, but is that the case? And is AWS' success deserved? And what about Google Inc. -- is it too early to make a determination on where it stands? A report by Synergy measured IaaS- and PaaS-based revenue, and AWS accounted for 35% of the IaaS market, followed by IBM at 7% and everyone else less than 3%. Is the PaaS market still anyone's game?

2. The cloud performance debate is continuing, and Google is making it a core value of its offerings. The provider claims that Google Compute Engine can handle 1 million load-balancing requests per second. Will this matter in the market? How performance-sensitive are users?

3. Microsoft Windows Azure recently had availability issues, with full-service interruptions to its storage service at the beginning of the month. How is Azure responding?

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