As SAP enters cloud space, Google takes it to the next level

SAP HANA may raise obstacles for enterprise software users, but, like Google, it's trying to move forward with next-gen cloud technologies.

SAP's recent cloud announcements are "very sexy stuff," according to David Linthicum. But is the company's slow move an indication that it recognizes the difficulty other organizations may face moving customized apps to the platform? Linthicum and Lori MacVittie, senior technical manager at F5 Networks Inc., discuss what needs to happen with SAP as well as the evolution of Google from a search company to a company putting out next-generation technology. Topics include:

  1. SAP's announcements, binding HANA with all of its cloud computing offerings, puts enterprises with custom apps in a tricky place. Should SAP move to a more PaaS-like approach to mitigate migration issues? What problems do enterprise software players face when selling cloud?
  2. Just when you thought you were safe from the Google driverless car, Google announced it is using I/O sensors to detect motion and generate data for real-time visualization with its Google Cloud Platform services. This move is the company's attempt to get people to think differently about how they use information, inspiring developers to make use of a new generation of technologies. MacVittie and Linthicum argue whether this is "interesting, scary or dumb" and why.
  3. Rackspace announced a more robust support package, helping customers debug its code on the OpenStack platform. What does this mean for Amazon Web Services, Microsoft and the future of proprietary cloud support?


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