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Azure program manager refutes 'hidden' cloud costs, security threats

Cloud costs are sneaking up on CIOs who were looking to save money. They blame the technology, but should they turn the mirror on themselves?

CIOs are growing frustrated with the "hidden" costs of their cloud projects, but are cloud costs really hidden or are IT departments just unprepared for the move? David Linthicum and his guest Clemens Vasters, principal program manager and product architect in Microsoft's Windows Azure mobile team, take CIOs to task for blaming cloud technologies for their lack of planning and testing.

Also in this podcast, David and Clemens discuss a recent survey showing that businesses are moving sensitive data to cloud storage, despite lingering fears about security, and Clemens stands up for Azure in the SOA world. Listen to the podcast to learn what these cloud experts have to say on a number of topics:

  1. CIOs are citing performance bottlenecks as increasing expected cloud costs, which also affect brand perception and customer loyalty, but can these costs be avoided by gathering metrics and cost modeling prior to the move? Clemens shares his own account of Microsoft's first disastrous move to Office 365 when the company was unprepared.
  2. A survey by the Ponemon Institute showed that more than half of respondents reported moving sensitive data to cloud storage despite security worries. How viable are actual security threats in the cloud versus on-premises? What is the current perception versus reality in the cloud security industry? And isn't it fishy that an encryption vendor performed this survey?
  3. Platform as a Service (PaaS) vendors are participating in service-oriented architecture (SOA), but Windows Azure was recently left off a list of these players. David asks Clemens why he thinks Azure isn't considered an SOA player, and Clemens makes a case to prove the list wrong -- despite admitting Microsoft's mistakes. How did we get to where we are with SOA, and what does marketing have to do with it?

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