Can government overcome the roadblocks to standardized cloud adoption?

Australia launches a cloud strategy while the U.S. still lags behind. How can governments overcome compliance and security woes on the path to cloud?

Australia joins the U.K. in government cloud adoption, and Canada is calling for the government to do the same. Meanwhile, sequestration halts the U.S.'s cloud ambitions. As research pushes back on the issues around the security of sensitive data, personal information and even national secrets, what remains as the pushback against cloud?

David Linthicum and cloud analyst Geva Perry discuss Google's partnership with the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) on cloud security research and new technologies focused on encrypting data in the cloud -- when even the cloud provider doesn't have the key -- that may be a step in the right direction. Topics covered include the following:

  1. Australia's minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy launched a national cloud strategy based in the countrywide broadband network. How is Australia able to move forward toward cloud adoption while the U.S. government continues to drag its feet? Will Asian and Pacific Rim countries follow Australia's lead?
  2. DISA signed a "cooperative research and development agreement" with Google to learn how to implement cloud security capabilities to support military cloud services in the future. If DISA is looking for innovation, why aren't cloud start-ups in the security space involved? With information cyber warfare with China and Iran, how can commercial products meet the U.S. government and military's needs?
  3. Dave and Geva predict the future of cloud technologies in 2013. How will the commercial significance of Amazon Web Services (AWS) change the cloud market and threaten traditional IT vendors? Is the fragmented market a move in the right direction?


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