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Closing the IT communication gap with enterprise stakeholders

As enterprises draw up budgets for the next year, both IT and execs are making the case for cloud -- but can they communicate across the table?

As enterprises gear up for a new budget year, communication between company executives and IT departments about the value of cloud computing is scrutinized. These two groups look at cloud computing and its benefits from both sides of the table and they want to make a strategic business case for cloud, but how can both groups close the communication gap? Investors look at rapid returns on investment, and IT looks for systemic changes, particularly for efficiency, but both groups have different expectations for each.

David Linthicum and his guest Lisa Noon, vice president of Cloud Technology Partners, discuss how to close this cloud chasm. You'll also hear about announcements from Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Joyent. Topics include:

  1. While all sides of a company are looking to make the case for cloud, what can employees do to bring executives, stakeholders and IT together? Execs are looking at whether they've demonstrated the promised benefits of the cloud investment thus far -- but how does IT demonstrate productivity and agility? How can IT departments show the longer-term benefits of cloud, which may not be as apparent as stakeholders would like?
  2. AWS announced its customers can now deploy reserved instances among availability zones -- something that companies have been requesting for a long time. Now that AWS is reacting to the needs of its users, how will other cloud providers react? Will this force other cloud vendors to adjust according to enterprise clients' real needs? What does this mean for the major vendor market, as "lurkers" like Google are going to come hard and fast because they are doing a good job collecting requirements of enterprises.
  3. Jason Hoffman, M.D., the founder of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider Joyent Inc., steps down amid news that his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Dave and Lisa express their best wishes for him and his family and discuss what they'd be doing if they weren't in the technology field.


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