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Cloud computing management overview

Learn about the essentials of cloud computing management in this podcast with Andi Mann, vice president of research with Enterprise Management Associates.

While not distinctly different from traditional data center management, cloud computing management presents a new environment and new situations for vendors and users to master in order to keep a watchful eye on their applications and data.

Learn about the meaning of cloud management, its growing purpose in the cloud computing world and the expectations laid on cloud management providers in this podcast with Andi Mann, vice president of research with Enterprise Management Associates.

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An introduction to cloud computing management

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 Andi Mann is vice president of research with Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), the leading IT analyst firm focused on enterprise management systems and services. Andi has over 20 years experience across four continents working with large-scale enterprise systems, including mainframes, mid-range, servers and desktops.

He has worked in IT operations and management for many large corporations and in a range of technical and product management positions with several enterprise software vendors. Andi leads the EMA systems & storage management research practices, covering the intelligent and automated management of enterprise IT systems and infrastructure, with a special focus on data center automation and virtualization.

For more information, visit the EMA Web site at, email Andi directly at or follow him on Twitter at @AndiMann.

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