Cloud control freaks must let go of responsibility

Traditional IT managers are hungry for control, but as public cloud benefits trump even private clouds, enterprises must learn to let go of responsibility.

In this Cloud Computing Weekly podcast, David Linthicum and Jason Bloomberg, president of ZapThink and cloud computing industry thought leader, discuss how cloud forces companies to rethink the control of their IT infrastructures. The increasingly obvious advantages of public cloud over private cloud, in terms of security and other issues, as public cloud business relationships mature push "control freaks" to face the facts. Meanwhile, public cloud providers are up against market pressures to deal with compliance issues and support their customers.

Topics covered include the following:

  1. Rethinking control of IT. Traditional IT managers can be control freaks, but can they face the increasing knowledge that public cloud may be more secure than private cloud? How does this shift in IT and cloud control and responsibility affect both the customers and the cloud providers?
  2. The way we look at governance is changing. How have cloud computing and BYOD affected governance policies? Should enterprises be worried?
  3. SAP announced a cloud version of HANA last week. Will SAP's cloud success cannibalize its existing business? What dilemmas do enterprise software companies face when trying to capitalize on cloud technologies?

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