Cloud licensing explained

Find out the rules and guidelines to follow when considering cloud licensing, including the importance of accurate management tools for your cloud environments.

Licensing applications in the cloud can be complicated. Cloud users working with an open source LAMP stack and those using commercial software need to understand their differences in regards to licensing and determine what kind of software will work best for them in a cloud computing environment.

In this podcast with contributor Joseph Foran, find out how the scalability of cloud computing, along with the slow acceptance of dynamically expanding clouds in the licensing process, impacts licensing cloud applications.

About the author:
Joseph Foran is the IT director for Bridgeport, Conn.-based FSW, Inc., and principal at Foran Media, LLC. He has been in IT since 1995, specializing in infrastructure, and involved in virtualization and cloud computing since 2002. Email Joe at or follow him on Twitter (@joseph_foran).

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