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Cloud management platforms may differ, but benefits are the same

Once companies hit the magic number of at least three clouds from different vendors, they need to simplify management. This is where CMPs come in.

There's only one thing on David Linthicum's agenda today: Cloud management platforms. Many enterprises are implementing or plan to implement multi-cloud environments using many different providers, which creates a complicated IT environment. Cloud management platforms (CMPs) hover a level above the entire cloud universe and use an integrated set of tools and capabilities to provide automation. CMPs use blueprints to separate and address the needs of every end point. In short, they simplify a complex IT environment.

Dave and his guest Brian Ott, vice president of Cloud Technology Partners, discuss all of the questions that arise around using CMPs, including:

  1. Lots of vendors are claiming position in the CMP area, but with very different approaches. Who are the major players in this space?
  2. What's the difference between targeting a single-vendor hybrid cloud environment and targeting a multi-cloud environment from several providers?
  3. What kinds of patterns will emerge out of this relatively new market?
  4. How should enterprises select a cloud management platform that fits their requirements?
  5. What are some of the pitfalls companies are running into with cloud management platforms?
  6. Where is the tipping point when companies will begin to need CMPs?


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