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Cloud trend: Balance public and private cloud

Dell's Jim Ganthier discusses how understanding the balance of public and private cloud within an enterprise is the latest cloud trend.

The image many have of the cloud is massive data centers with thousands of servers and the partial or complete dismantling of businesses' on-premises infrastructure. But, that's not the end state in the eyes of Jim Ganthier, vice president and engineering solutions and cloud at Dell.

Jim GanthierJim Ganthier

While the "gold rush to the public cloud" was the prevailing strategy in the early days of cloud computing, that view is outdated, Ganthier said. Today, with hybrid cloud gaining popularity, the issues are balancing private and public cloud, managed services and consulting services.

For Dell, the cloud trend is good news as many of these mega data centers are equipped hundreds or thousands of Dell servers, he said. "We understand what it takes to run those infrastructures, because we helped build many of them," Ganthier said.

The other beauty, Ganthier added, is not only understanding cloud providers, but what you can do in terms of products, deliverables and partners "to really make those workloads sing, either in a private cloud or public cloud environment."

A major problem faced by IT departments is the shortage of in-house public and private cloud expertise. With the scene shifting away from experimenting with the assembly and testing an array of cloud components, the cloud trend is now centered on delivering applications that benefit the business and doing it quickly, improving not the time to market but the return on investment -- "time to value," to use Ganthier's words. 

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