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Expert Roberto Medrano reveals tips for sharing data via secure APIs

Akana's Roberto Medrano discusses how developers' needs expanded from API development tools to platforms for managing, distributing and securing APIs.

Businesses are accelerating the digital transformation by securely extending their reach across multiple channels, including mobile, cloud and IoT. This trend heightens the need for enterprises to share data as APIs, integrate applications, drive partner adoption and provide intelligent insights into their business and operations. In this discussion, Roberto Medrano, executive vice president at Akana, explained why secure APIs have become the way to create new applications, along with the concept of an API portal for developing and managing APIs. Akana develops software for API management and security.

When it comes to the so-called API economy, Medrano noted that businesses have shifted strategies. Where they once decided which applications were the easiest to migrate to the cloud, new thinking is more about which applications make the most business sense to migrate. And in some cases, migration is giving way to redevelopment.

Through the migration process, CIOs are discovering that up to 800 discrete integrations are commonly required, leading some to say CIO should stand for "chief integration officer," Medrano said. As companies juggle more applications on-premises and new applications in the cloud, everything becomes an integration issue. The question is: How do enterprises make all these connections?

Medrano said API-driven, "connectorless integrations" are the answer. That term means through APIs it's possible to connect applications without having to build connectors that require updating. Connectors, he said, are the old way to do integration. They do not scale well and often become obsolete when vendors publish new editions of their software. Medrano said that applications and connections are increasingly API driven, making connection among them simple and straightforward. As examples, he cited using secure APIs to hook Salesforce together with Marketo or ServiceNow and also to internal applications.


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