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Fascination with big data, new services shrouds cost-benefit analysis

Excitement over new technologies can veil cost implications. Big data analytics may be the hot new IT trend, but is it worth the financial investment?

Enterprises are increasingly captivated with the business intelligence that big data analytics offers. However, the attraction of a new technology can often cause business leaders to skip through the cost benefit analysis of adoption -- and, it turns out, big data technologies aren't for everyone.

David Linthicum and his guests, Erik Gustavson, CTO and co-founder of Bitium, and Scott Kriz, CEO of Bitium, discuss whether the value of the information you'll receive is worth the high cost of running big data analytics -- from the technology to the data scientist personnel needed to staff the system. Also in this podcast, they critique a new package from WigWag that communicates with your home devices from your phone, and they discuss PayPal's new Platform as a Service (PaaS) developers' "playground." Topics include:

  1. Is big data analytics worth your financial investment? Talent and technology are expensive, so how can a business know if big data is worth the hassle? How does not embracing big data affect your standing in the competitive market?
  2. WigWag is currently on Kickstarter raising money for a sensor-and-hub package for the home that allows users to control devices remotely. WigWag also provides common APIs that could give developers a chance to advance this technology. Is this just a gimmick? What does it mean for the direction of the "Internet of Things"? And how does this advance the debate of manual control versus automation?

To give its developers a way to build products, PayPal created a private PaaS. Will this be a trend going forward? And for developers -- who can skip the hassle of negotiating internal politics to obtain the resources to get an application up and running -- is this a dream come true?

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