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Google, AWS add latest chapter to cloud competition

Amazon Web Services has dominated the cloud space, but Google is shooting up the ranks with its container technology. How will AWS respond at re:Invent?

The cloud competition has been more of a chase than a race, as Amazon Web Services maintained a sizeable lead over other cloud providers. Google, however, has closed the gap.

To capitalize on the container technology frenzy, Google released its Container Engine in alpha. David Linthicum discusses the state of the cloud competition with Paul DeFeo, director of business development at Cloud Technology Partners. Other topics include:

1. Is Google a threat to AWS' cloud dominance? "Google has not only a war chest of cash, but has proven themselves to be very proficient and successful," DeFeo said. "So, there is no doubt they are a serious competitor." Linthicum agrees that Google is fully engaged.

"If you're keeping track, Google's probably in third place right now, but they're catching up pretty quick … I think they're the one that ultimately AWS is a little bit concerned about, just because they know how smart those guys are," Linthicum said.

Will AWS respond to Google's container moves? Linthicum and DeFeo agree that AWS' strong relationship with Docker could expand in the coming weeks. (2:20-7:11)

2. Why is OpenStack adoption still lagging? "Installing OpenStack and getting it up and running still seems to be in the domain of heavy-duty geeks and software engineers, and they haven't seemed to have gotten by that yet," Linthicum said.

Where will OpenStack be in four years? The open-source infrastructure as a service initiative seems to be here to stay, according to DeFeo. "I do not think OpenStack will go away. They have some very large companies backing it -- Red Hat, IBM -- so, I think given that factor, the likelihood of failure is probably slim," DeFeo said. (7:12-10:49)

3. With AWS re:Invent looming, what can cloud users look forward to? Monitoring capabilities, framework management, hybrid approach, big data and storage are areas to watch, DeFeo said.

Where does AWS stand with hybrid cloud? "Supporting the hybrid cloud is something they’re already doing … but it's not necessarily a hard shift in they're going to offer a hybrid cloud. They're going to support people who leverage a hybrid cloud," Linthicum said.

Are there any big announcements coming? If there is any big news, it most likely won't be on the acquisition front. "AWS is very innovative and they like to build their own technologies, so I'm not sure if they will go out and buy somebody," DeFeo said. (10:51-21:46)

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Interesting that the article fails to address the stealth Sphere3d's Glassware/V3 platform...directly challenging Docker and incorporated in high end Dell servers and Microsoft licensing agreement which is sweeping through the Educational (Chromebook) Vertical as "the solution"