High expectations, lack of innovation thwart cloud market progress

A stream of products hitting the shelves may be hiding a secret in the cloud market: Providers' lack of innovations means the industry has hit a rut.

The cloud market may be saturated with products and services, but it's still suffering from a lack of innovation.

David Linthicum and James Staten, principal analysts at Forrester Research, discuss the constant reinvention of existing cloud products and its effect on the deceleration of the market. Every new cloud company promises to be the next Amazon Web Services, but smaller, more niche products could grow more quickly than those from companies trying to be the next behemoth cloud service provider. Could Hadoop and other real-time business intelligence services be a saving grace for a stagnating market? Topics in this podcast include:

  1. Cloud computing firms and public cloud companies aren't hitting expected revenue goals. Companies are throwing myriad services and products into the market, but many suffer from a "me too" complex -- merely reinventing existing products and hoping for the same success. What does this mean for the cloud market and its future?
  2. Harvard Business Publishing recently underwent a tumultuous cloud migration project, and found that the cost benefits of the cloud didn't meet expectations. Is this a failure of cloud technology or of education?
  3. Staten calls in from the Google I/O show where presenters discuss the new Google Compute Engine IaaS complete open preview, claiming key differentiators from AWS. Are these advantages sustainable or just an attempt to push people into actually using Google Compute Engine? And where does Microsoft fit into the conversation?


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