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How to adapt to a new cloud model

The cloud computing world is constantly evolving, and customers must try to keep up. Old platforms are becoming dinosaurs, while agile and DevOps spark a fire.

Customers are caught in the middle of a rat race as they try to keep pace with cloud computing's latest adaptation. The old cloud model of long-term platforms and traditional approaches is quickly becoming outdated. Now, rapid and continuous development, agile and DevOps are the standard.

David Linthicum discusses with Jeff Barr, chief evangelist for Amazon Web Services, the new cloud model's impact on customers and how they can adapt. Other cloud topics include:

  • The new cloud model presents challenges for users, according to Barr. "As users and technologists, they could learn once [and] then they could apply that knowledge pretty much unchanged for a fairly significant chunk of their career," Barr said.

How can customers adjust to the cloud's latest developments? "People need to get in a mode of actually learning every day, [and] not just relying so much on knowledge that they pick up once in a while," Barr said.

Linthicum and Barr agree an ecosystem is developing on the verge of a cloud co-creation with users. "It's continuous feedback to the developers, which comes back as continuous integration, delivery and deployment in the DevOps world," Linthicum said. (9:20-14:10)

  • AWS recently opened a loft for developers to hang out and use its latest cloud technology. "We wanted to be really close to our developers … Developers can literally walk in the door, come in, hang out, learn, meet [and] share," Barr said.

    Linthicum and Barr also preview the upcoming AWS re:Invent conference. What can attendees expect? AWS is anticipating approximately 12,000 people in attendance, according to Barr. (14:11-21:49)
  • In more AWS news, the cloud giant opened its second region in Europe in Frankfurt, Germany. AWS customers sought a second region in Europe for large-scale disaster recovery, Barr said.

    What other technological developments does AWS have up its sleeve? (21:50-27:09)

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