IBM, Salesforce deals usher in cloud consolidation era

IBM's SoftLayer buy is getting mixed reviews from IT pros, but everyone agrees that it's an example of the consolidation phase of the cloud bubble.

As the dust settles on IBM's announcement that it is acquiring SoftLayer, Dave and his colleagues express some criticisms of the deal. While it seems like a step in the right direction for IBM, SoftLayer's existing customers and employees may be singing a different tune, said John Treadway, senior vice president at Cloud Technology Partners. But his colleague Erik Sebesta, chief architect and technology officer at the company, disagrees, targeting IBM's motives. It seems like "ivory tower decision making, just trying to acquire more cloud cache."

And it wasn't just IBM making headlines. It was a busy week in acquisition news, with's purchase of mass emailing and marketing automation company ExactTarget -- continuing a cloud consolidation trend that may be seen throughout the year. Topics in this podcast include the following:

  1. Last week, IBM announced it was acquiring SoftLayer. What does this mean for SoftLayer's existing customers and its support for CloudStack over OpenStack? Was this a good move for IBM? What about SoftLayer employees and leaders; will they buy into the IBM culture or follow their entrepreneurial spirit elsewhere?
  2. Salesforce laid down $2.5 million to buy ExactTarget. It may not be a true cloud play, but the Web is keen on calling it one, so Dave and his colleagues address the deal's criticisms. Was this a dud deal for Salesforce? What are Salesforce's prospects for integration with its pure cloud space acquisitions, such as Heroku? And what is "Spam as a Service"?
  3. As the cloud consolidation trend continues in the market and larger cloud providers feast on smaller players, Dave, Erik and John predict who is next.


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