OpenStack Summit review: What's hot and what's missing

Cloud expert David Linthicum sits down with Cloud Technology Partners' Beth Cohen to discuss the OpenStack Summit highlights and what's still missing.

Cloud expert David Linthicum talks to Beth Cohen, a senior cloud architect for Cloud Technology Partners.

This Cloud Computing Weekly podcast dives into the OpenStack Summit and what cloud pros can take from it. Linthicum and Cohen discuss the OpenStack Summit highlights, recent advancements in light of the OpenStack Grizzly release and what's still missing from the open source cloud platform. Topics covered include the following:

  1. What is OpenStack?
  2. An update on the OpenStack Summit
  3. Who are the emerging OpenStack players?
  4. What the OpenStack Grizzly release means to enterprise IT.
  5. What's missing from this open source cloud platform?
  6. What is it with the cats and the cows, and why is that relevant to OpenStack?

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