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Podcast: Data collection expands in cloud capacity storage

Cloud storage capacity needs are soaring with the influx of data collection, according to Paul Turner of Cloudian, who shares his thoughts in this podcast.

Companies need to store and analyze more data, and do it on a massive scale. With the pace of data collection rapidly expanding, the accompanying challenges are vast. In this podcast, Paul Turner, chief marketing officer at Cloudian, talks about the need for IT to implement a cloud capacity storage layer, especially as more enterprises find their storage needs exceeding multiple petabytes.

RAID storage, long the standard technology for large-capacity storage, is no longer adequate, driving enterprises instead toward stitching multiple storage nodes into one big cloud storage pool. Turner explains that IT professionals must ask themselves how they plan to consume storage, and whether they need to move to a cloud-based, capacity-oriented object storage model regardless of whether the applications accessing the data reside on premises or in the cloud.

Turner believes that businesses must look at their storage needs with an eye for dividing into two tiers. First, there's what he characterizes as high-performance, real-time data on which you want to perform analytics. Do not put that into an object store, he says, because performance will suffer. Likewise, flash storage is not going to be cost efficient. What does make a significant different in performance is nature of the data. Small data bundles, exemplified by transactions in a retail store, online banking and Internet of Things status reports, are vastly different than extremely large bundles, typified by a music or movie download.

Cloudian's HyperStore product is an Amazon S3-compliant, cloud-object storage platform that enables cloud service providers and enterprises to build scalable cloud storage. The company, based in Foster City, Calif., is partnering with cloud computing environments -- including Citrix Cloud Platform and OpenStack -- cloud on-ramp providers and the ecosystem of tools and applications for S3 compatibility.

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