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Public cloud users, providers missing core strategy of culture-first

In a cloud market where users are still getting the technology right, focusing on company culture is low on the list -- but that is a mistake.

If you really peel the onion on modern companies like Netflix and Etsy, culture is at the core. What does this culture-first, process-second attitude have to do with business strategy? And is it successful? Though many companies are focusing on culture, it seems that cloud-focused organizations are too focused on technology to pay attention to culture. David Linthicum and his guest John Willis, vice president of customer enablement at startup Stateless Networks, talk about changing the minds and culture of both public cloud users and providers in order to move forward and innovate.

Linthicum and Willis also discuss security's role in the emerging technology of DevOps. As security-conscious as enterprises claim to be, are they letting security fall through the cracks in favor of emerging technologies? Topics include:

  1. Does DevOps -- the blending of application development and systems operations teams -- leave security out in the cold? While the company focuses on making development and operations staff work together, security may not be getting the attention it needs. Is this a true problem, or is security inherent in DevOps? At the core, DevOps is about using some Agile and Lean ideas to destroy the wall between development and systems operations, but, as Willis says, it's also a collaboration with security and the networking teams. With this in mind, is the lack of security an organizational challenge or a technological challenge?
  2. In many modern companies, culture rules. In companies such as Netflix and Etsy, the hiring mentality is based on acquiring talent that has the same values as potential customers. How can companies use culture as a strategic weapon? In a cloud environment, is anyone using culture as a cutting-edge tool, or are they focusing too much on technology? How can a culture strategy push a stagnant cloud market focused on copying what has already been done?

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