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Put on your tinfoil hats, the government is looking at your cloud data

The current NSA scandal has potential public cloud adopters running scared of Big Brother, but how much should this change cloud security practices?

The NSA scandal is bad for public cloud business. Since Edward Snowden leaked a story about the NSA's government surveillance of U.S. citizens to The Guardian this month, people around the world have been hesitant to put data in the cloud on U.S. servers. How much of this fear and uncertainty of "Big Brother" is valid with cloud data? David Linthicum argues it's naïve to think this data security issue is only a problem in the United States.

Also in this podcast, guest Mike Kavis, consultant with Kavis Technology Partners and cohosts Erik Sebesta and Brad Young, both of Cloud Technology Partners, discuss research on how "green" cloud computing really is as well as Dell's move into government cloud. Topics include the following:

  1. What does the NSA leak mean for cloud computing? It's been reported that Verizon was capturing and monitoring various call information -- data that led to a wider government surveillance scandal. How does this affect cloud computing and social networking? How does it impact the growth of cloud computing and providers? Are we all just being naïve?
  2. Is cloud computing "green?" The energy that powers the IT sector as a whole currently represents 3% of global greenhouse gas emissions, on par with the aviation industry. As the cloud industry grows, how can we consider environmental implications? How do you know if you are selecting a "green" cloud provider?
  3. Following in the footsteps of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and IBM, Dell is building a government cloud, on the heels of its declaration that it is moving away from OpenStack. Will it work? Ultimately, how important is it to the growth of cloud computing that the government is moving toward adoption?

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