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Talking private PaaS with ActiveState

Four members of the ActiveState team join's Adam Riglian to discuss issues in platform as a service and ActiveState's Stackato PaaS.

The Platform as a Service (PaaS) market continues to be a topic of interest in the tech world. This podcast addresses the excitement around the dynamic technology.

In this podcast,'s Adam Riglian discusses the PaaS market, private PaaS, and what lies ahead for vendors with ActiveState, the makers of Stackato private PaaS. The interviewees include ActiveState vice president of marketing Toph Whitmore, director of product management Brent Smithurst, technical communications specialist Troy Topnik and product marketing manager Navrup Johal.

The questions are listed below. Listen in for the answers.

Q: How much of your time right now is spent evangelizing PaaS? Has the market caught up to the marketing yet?

Q: Stackato is billed as the PaaS that works with any stack, any cloud and any language. How was that achieved from a technical standpoint, and what was the thought process underpinning that level of openness?

Q: When an enterprise adopts Stackato, who at the enterprise do you find is making that decision? Are you getting development managers that want agility, or business managers that think adding a PaaS will give them greater return on investment (ROI)?

Q: If you had to organize the market into groups right now, what would you say they would be and where would you put ActiveState?

Q: The PaaS market is extremely crowded. How do you see it being thinned over the next few years?

 Q: As Platform as a Service gains acceptance, how will platforms evolve? Once enterprises are done testing the waters, what will change?


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