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Template-driven approach enables rapid app development

In this podcast, Dave Landa, COO of Kintone, talks about the need for rapid template-driven platforms.

When you need to build an app and get it into production quickly, a template-driven, drag-and-drop development platform can be a real time saver. And with the ability for IT to deliver quickly, there's less likelihood of corporate line-of-business departments circumventing IT to undertake their own shadow IT projects. Ridiculed for decades as inflexible and inadequate, today's template-driven tools are vastly different, able to provide the features and power that developers need for links to databases, business processes and cloud computing architecture.

In this podcast, Dave Landa, COO of San-Francisco-based Kintone, talks about the need for rapidly developing enterprise-quality applications and the platform's link to more than 400 services through an open API. He discusses Kintone as an integrated social collaboration and custom business application cloud platform that allows internal and external teams to solve business process inefficiencies through database and workflow-driven custom applications and team collaboration.

Landa recognizes the concept of shadow IT and why departments sometimes consider the IT department an obstacle in getting new solutions designed and built. But, he sees the Kintone platform as a tool that IT can use to deliver solutions quickly, working with corporate departments. Or, it's possible for IT to provide departments access to the Kintone platform, allowing them to develop their own solutions under the auspices of IT. That approach can be accomplished thanks to granular permission controls, two-factor authentication security, and other ways that allow IT to have ultimate oversight. This strategy can ultimately eliminate shadow IT by having IT and line-of-business departments aware of each other's actions, which contributes to a more collaborative environment.

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