What happens in Vegas: Upcoming events and cloud market fatigue

David Linthicum and his guest discuss recent shakeups in the cloud market and whether IT pros are sick of hearing about cloud computing.

Cloud expert David Linthicum speaks with his good friend JP Morgenthal, cloud business director, enterprise, of the central division at EMC.

This Cloud Computing Weekly podcast has Dave and JP discussing the perception of cloud in the IT marketplace, based on a recent article in Forbes, and how Amazon's certification program can affect IT pros. They also dig in to Accenture's recent cloud-related announcement and upcoming events centered around the cloud industry. Topics covered include the following:

  1. The cloud computing events calendar is heating up. What's on the radar in Las Vegas?
  2. Is IT getting sick of cloud computing? According to Forbes, there is customer-fatigue of cloud hype in the IT industry. How valid is this?
  3. Amazon Web Services has a new cloud certification program. Will the AWS stamp of approval bring riches to IT pros?
  4. Consulting company Accenture recently launched a cloud brokerage service. What does this decision mean, and was it a smart move?


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