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Will privacy issues in the U.S. cloud services market topple Amazon?

Even though U.S. providers reign in the cloud market, PRISM gives international customers a reason to be wary. Can Amazon maintain trust globally?

Europe was already concerned about data residency requirements, especially in financial and healthcare industries, so PRISM could spell major trouble for the U.S. cloud market. David Linthicum and his guest Kacy Clarke, principal cloud architect at Cloud Technology Partners, wonder whether international companies will just go with Amazon Web Services anyway, because its success gives companies the best path to their own success. And if it's an American provider -- so be it.

Also in this podcast, some data analytics companies aren't making the money back they think they are. And CIOs must learn to be service providers in the bring your own device (BYOD) world. Topics include:

1. In a post-PRISM world, what does the European cloud market stand to gain from the distrust of U.S.-based cloud computing platforms? Amazon Web Services has locations in Ireland, and there are other installations overseas -- are those governed by the same rules under PRISM? Will enterprises really use the NSA scandal to choose a provider, or will they look at pricing and features? In this case, will the lost revenue for U.S. cloud providers really hit billions of dollars, as has been reported?

2. There's a lot of hype around companies wanting to build Hadoop clusters, but the reality is simple: Analytics is difficult, and there hasn't been a return on investment. Are companies just creating data "landfills" instead of data "lakes" from which to draw relevant business information?

3. The role of the CIO is changing in the BYOD era, and the loss of control comes with opportunities. Dave and Kacy argue that CIOs need a reality check if they think they're going to stop employees from bringing their devices. So, it's the time to build enterprise app stores and do it in a secure way. Should companies support only certain mobile devices? While others bring iPads and smartphones to the office, Dave ponders bringing an 80-inch smart TV to the office, bolting it to the wall and demanding that IT support it.


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