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Application containers got you boxed in? Break out with this quiz

The race is on to deploy application containers wherever possible. Or is it? Portability and simplification are clear benefits, but the rate of adoption might surprise you.

Containers aren't just for 18-wheeler semitrailers. Today, it's nearly impossible to build a cloud or mobile app without employing the technology of application containers. Whether it's Docker or Windows Server or some other platform, there is no escape from container technology -- and that's a good thing.

Take this brief quiz and see where your organization lies along the container spectrum. If you haven't yet investigated or implemented application containers in your software development efforts, it just might be time to break out of the box.

Joel Shore is news writer for TechTarget's Business Applications and Architecture Media Group. Write to him at or follow @JshoreTT on Twitter.

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This was last published in February 2017

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To what extent has your organization implemented application containers?







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