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Getting quizzical with open source cloud computing

An apple on the teacher's desk won't help you with this open source cloud quiz, which includes facts on OpenStack, Docker, Hadoop and more. Test your knowledge to see where you stack up.

Cloud computing is like an onion -- or an ogre, if you talk to Shrek -- and open source is just one of the many layers. But in cloud, even the layers have layers.

Open source cloud computing is pitted as the "free" option against commercial cloud providers and services. However, nothing in IT comes for free. The flip side of the open source coin is that companies often invest more in their own support teams and staff.

Still, open source is making major waves in the cloud market -- particularly with OpenStack. Meanwhile, Cloud Foundry, Docker and even open source options from Google and other providers are gaining attention.

Think you're an expert on open source cloud computing? Take our quiz and find out. You may have your eyes opened.

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This was last published in August 2014

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