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Monthly quiz: Test yourself on open source development tools trends

As componentization of open source software catches on, fitting the pieces together in a secure manner takes center stage. Test your awareness of the component trend.

The move to open source development tools -- already unstoppable -- continues to gain momentum. Years ago, open source was looked upon as a way to save money. Today, a key driver is the clear fact that, with tens of thousands of contributors sharing their expertise and the ever-widening availability of high-quality code, resistance is futile.

One gauge for measuring the growth of open source is how quickly container technology has been adopted. According to a January 2017 report from 451 Research, the global application container segment -- just one piece of the overall tools market -- reached $762 million in 2016 and is forecast to reach $2.7 billion in 2020. That's an impressive 40% compound rate over four years.

Yet, not all is well. A problem with open source components is that they are, well, open. They could come from anywhere, from anyone. How do they rate in terms of performance and security? It's the big unknown. In its 2017 open source security and risk analysis report, Black Duck Software noted its own audit found that open source components were present in 96% of applications it examined, with apps incorporating 147 unique components on average. And consider this scary finding: The financial services and financial technology sector had the highest number of vulnerabilities per application at 52. Fully 60% of those apps harbored high-risk vulnerabilities.

How well do you know open source development tools and components trends? Take this brief quiz, and see how well you measure up.

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