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Quiz: Test your cloud container technology knowledge

The popularity of cloud containers is soaring. If your company isn't already working with containers, the time to get on board is now. Take this brief quiz to test your knowledge.

Containers aren't just for oceangoing freighters. In fact, cloud container technology isn't all that different from its maritime counterpart. Both offer portability and an easy way to move goods or services from one place to another. Both can save money by speeding the loading and unloading of ships or the process of managing cloud applications. Neither cares about the brand name on the side of the ship or of the cloud computing provider. Take this brief quiz to see if your IT organization is leading or lagging when it comes to thinking about cloud container technology.

Joel Shore is a news writer for TechTarget's Business Applications and Architecture Media Group. Write to him at jshore@techtarget.com or follow @JshoreTT on Twitter.

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