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Quiz: What do you know about cloud application testing?

Cloud application testing is designed to ensure that data can be accessed and shared safely. Take this five question quiz on cloud app testing.

Cloud application testing is designed primarily to ensure that data can be accessed and shared safely. Cloud computing, by its own mechanism, introduces unpredictable performance variables. Developers and testers investigate all the ways that data can be precariously manipulated in order to smooth out performance and security issues. Quiz your knowledge on cloud app testing in this five question quiz.

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What techniques are there for cloud application testing?

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Key takeaway from this quiz is that the skills set needed is very similar to what you would need to know to test apps on a local web server, but the hardware isn't physically there, and you can spin it up and shut it down as needed or not. For those intimidated by testing in the cloud, don't be, it's not all that different :).
Michael is right on the money, the one you can build and test apps in a cloud just like you would if you had barebone hardware in your own data center. You can even have a cloud for internal development, and another for public offerings. This not only gives you the ability to spin up and try different configurations, but it also can reduce the provisioning time you would go through trying to deploy in a local data center.

One caveat: Performance. Applications which are expected to receive significant traffic should include performance engineering and testing during, and after deployment to avoid the kinds of point load conditions that so often happen to companies on major event days (like Black Friday/Cyber Monday for example.)