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State of the cloud quiz: Do you know the latest cloud computing trends?

Every new year brings changes to the cloud computing mandate. What mattered in the past has likely diminished in importance. How well is your company aligned with current trends?

Cloud computing is a fully mature technology trusted by entities from the largest multinational enterprises all the way down to sole proprietors who run their business on a subscription-based software-as-a-service accounting system. Despite unceasing advancements in the state of the cloud, holdouts remain. Take this brief quiz on cloud computing trends to see where your organization falls on the cloud spectrum.

The maturity of the cloud closely parallels the advancement in the 1990s of local area networks, which morphed from an unreliable novelty to mission-critical infrastructures on which businesses depended in the span of just a few years. The numbers below reflect the results of the 2017 State of the Cloud report from cloud services provider RightScale Inc. The survey was conducted in January 2017.

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