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Test your ability to avoid cloud security risks

Storing data in the cloud can be risky, but there are methods to minimize risks. Take our quiz to measure your cloud security expertise.

For some organizations, cloud computing is a perfect fit. For others, cloud security risks are tough pills to swallow. Scalability, agility and a pay-per-use model are attractive features that entice many businesses to consider cloud deployment. But despite its benefits, some organizations believe the cloud is risky business.

Security is a common question mark that hovers over cloud, and 2014 certainly didn't help. Major security breaches at retail giants Home Depot and Target, as well as the iCloud and Sony hacks, drudged up significant cloud security concerns. However, cloud computing wasn't directly responsible for any of these security bugaboos. Nonetheless, many questioned cloud's ability to lock down sensitive information.

While there is inherent risk in storing information in a multi-tenant public cloud, encryption and other methods can help enterprises avoid many issues. Test your degree of knowledge on cloud security risks and how to avoid them.

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