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Test your big data in the cloud expertise

As big data becomes a bigger market, IT pros need to be experts on the subject. Take our quiz and find out if you are a big data know-it-all.

Cloud computing and big data are two fast-growing areas of IT. And the need to house and analyze increasingly larger sets of data -- without bogging down on-premises systems -- creates an association between the two. Big data in the cloud covers a vast scope that includes management, analytics, tools and more.

Hadoop and other frameworks, such as MapReduce, are designed to process big data. As more use cases for big data are realized, more companies -- including major cloud providers -- have developed their own offerings to mine data sets. Google created MapReduce, but AWS has capitalized on the technology with its Elastic MapReduce service.

To stay up-to-date in cloud computing, IT pros must hone their big data knowledge base. Take our quiz to test your big data expertise.

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