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Private clouds on the horizon

Whether you are itching to move to private cloud today or still in research mode for the future, the following special report includes all our best tips and guides on how to get there.

When most IT pros hear the words cloud computing, the hair on the backs of their necks stands up in fear of the security and privacy implications. The industry has responded with private cloud, which looks to turn existing investments inside the data center into a cloud-like environment. The architecture is catching on, albeit slowly.

According to a recent survey by SearchCloudComputing.com on adoption plans for cloud in 2010, most IT shops are still in research mode and not ready to make the leap. That said, the interest in private cloud was significant. About half the respondents to the survey, approximately 250 companies, said they found private cloud more appealing than public cloud. 25% said they were interested in public cloud services, but only 20% said they would be doing any kind of cloud deployment this year.

Check out the articles below for strategies and technical advice on how to architect your IT environment for private cloud.

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The building blocks of private cloud
Transforming your company's existing IT data center to a private cloud requires a foundation of knowledge about virtualization, automation and five key cloud characteristics. To take advantage of cloud computing's benefits and decide which leading vendors and products to use, learn the building blocks of private cloud.

Adopting a private cloud strategy
Think of switching to private cloud computing as a journey, rather than a destination, experts say. Just as important as the finish line is timing an adoption of the internal cloud and developing a preparation strategy. Steps along the way include IT virtualization maturity, creating a greenfield project and recognizing the best ways to maximize return on investment.

Private cloud 101: Is your data center ready?
What defines a private cloud infrastructure as compared to a traditional data center? Can you declare your existing data center a private cloud and be done with it? Our expert discusses the characteristics of private cloud and explains what differentiates them from data centers.

From private cloud to hybrid cloud: Six things to consider
IT managers don't necessarily have to fret about the choice between the security of private clouds and the flexibility of public clouds if they consider hybrid clouds a viable third option. Before jumping in, though, IT organizations should keep in mind six important considerations about moving to a hybrid cloud.

Virtual desktop infrastructures and the private cloud
When it comes to putting a desktop infrastructure in the cloud, forget the debate about public vs. private cloud computing. Virtual desktops are increasingly being hosted in private clouds, where organizations can maintain a standardized stack of technology. Aside from choosing between vendors like Citrix and VMware, IT professionals should plan for changes in networking, monitoring, storage and more.

Using VMware vSphere as a private cloud computing platform
Taking advantage of VMware's vSphere to build a private cloud means understanding a few vital cloud computing concepts and examining how vSphere's technologies can help with such requirements of operating in the cloud as self-service, automation and minimizing downtime.

Want to build a private cloud?
The path to building and operating a private cloud can be rocky, despite the benefit of it being more secure than a public cloud. But IT professionals can navigate the process more easily if they grasp the basics of private cloud computing, and focus on automation and various obstacles, such as licensing, scalability and service-level agreements.


VMware cloud computing product plans leak
The company's secret plans to allow enterprises to traverse from internal virtualization to private cloud computing and ultimately link to a public cloud were accidently posted on VMware's website, sparking both excitement and concern. In a previously confidential document, VMware outlined its new vCloud Service Director, codenamed Project Redwood. 

Cloud.com plugs do-it-yourself private cloud software
Amid a crowded market, Cloud.com's new offering provides self-service, on-demand private cloud computing. But can the company's product thrive against a long list of competitors that includes Platform, Enomaly and Eucalyptus? Meanwhile, enterprises await a more well-organized, comprehensive cloud computing service that doesn't break the bank.

IT shops roll their own private clouds
Two IT departments, one at VistaPrint and the other at the Massachusetts hospital group Caritas Christi, highlighted the growing trend toward companies creating their own private clouds. By building private clouds on site rather than jumping into public clouds, they said they would avoid excessive costs and the tricky navigation of the IT healthcare sector.

Oracle declares full-court press for private cloud
Oracle has proclaimed what it feels enterprises want: private clouds. At the Cloud Computing Expo in New York City, Oracle announced it was ready to provide clients with internal environments, calling private clouds the "prevalent mode" of the future.

Fujifilm inches toward private cloud computing
The Japanese company, known for its film and cameras, is taking the next step after virtualization, hoping to save money by adopting a private cloud. Fujifilm currently uses VMware and EMC in its data center and plans to slowly transition toward an internal cloud environment.

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