What is VMforce?

On April 27, VMware and will reveal VMforce to the world. As anticipation builds, find out everything we know about VMforce in this special report.

The VMforce news due from VMware and has everyone in cloud computing and virtualization talking.

On April 27, VMware and will announce details on VMforce. The companies say this new product will change the future of cloud computing, and as that date approaches, details are starting to trickle out about VMforce.

Observers expect the VMforce news to focus on a new Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering aimed at Software as a Service (SaaS) and Web services developers. VMware, with its focus on virtualization and data center infrastructure, would run the service, which would tie into's stable of service providers. VMforce from VMware and

VMware has been branching out of the virtualization market with its recent acquisitions of SpringSource, a development platform provider, and Zimbra, a hosted email vendor. (SpringSource even hints on its website that the VMforce news "will impact enterprise application development and deployment.") And has expanded beyond its CRM SaaS beginnings to offer its development platform. VMforce is expected to significantly combine those efforts.

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Speculation mounts as VMforce details leak
As the date of Marc Benioff and Paul Maritz's live webcast draws closer, certain pieces of the puzzle have fallen into place and hints as to what VMforce may actually be are emerging.

VMware, to team up on cloud computing
Our initial news brief on VMforce indicated that VMware and could be working on anything from a new class of application to an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering similar to Amazon Web Services or even an overhyped combination of Salesforce applications running on vSphere.

VMware/Salesforce cloud news on the horizon
This podcast with virtualization expert Rick Vanover discusses the potential of VMforce, along with what the two organizations are actually cooking up behind the scenes.

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