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While SaaS applications don't run on an enterprise's own internal infrastructure, IT teams are still responsible for supporting user access to these third-party cloud offerings. Read expert advice on SaaS support and licensing, ranging from how to set up access controls to navigating relationships with SaaS vendors to ensure high availability, optimal costs and more.

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  • cloud sprawl

    Cloud sprawl is the uncontrolled proliferation of cloud instances, services or providers that are used by an enterprise. It is typically caused when an organization lacks visibility into and control over its cloud computing environment. Continue Reading

  • cloud integration

    Cloud integration is the act of combining different cloud-based systems into an integral whole. The term may also refer to joining cloud-based systems with on-premises systems. Continue Reading

  • cloud database

    A cloud database is a collection of informational content, either structured or unstructured, that resides on a private, public or hybrid cloud computing infrastructure platform. Continue Reading

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