Strategy and Insight

  • AWS

    The Proven Benefits of VMware Cloud on AWS

    Learn more about the advantages and benefits of VMC on AWS offering that is powering companies that have realized this through combined offerings from industry tech leaders.

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  • CI and HCI

    IT Modernization Can't Wait

    Learn the value of converged and hyperconverged infrastructure to modernize IT and the critical business workloads that it supports while reducing complexity, empowering IT teams to innovate and delivering a flexible hybrid cloud experience.

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  • IT Transformation

    Success Stories in IT Transformation

    Learn the key themes driving IT modernization, especially through the prism of organizations that have successfully transformed IT—from the data center to the edge to multiple cloud environments.

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  • Remote Work

    A Modern Guide to Remote Access, Security and Productivity

    Learn what you need to know about the modern tools and technologies that can help you move forward quickly and securely—with proven remote management and collaborative capabilities—that are readily available.

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  • Customer Experience

    Accelerate Customer Experience Transformation With Microsoft Dynamics 365

    Learn how to deliver customer service from anywhere and anticipate customer needs with analytics and intelligence—all while leveraging best-in-class cloud capabilities for connectivity, resiliency, security and seamless unification of your business-critical applications.

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  • Flexible IT

    Optimize Your Workloads With Real-World Data

    Learn how real-world data can help you make better, faster and more informed decisions while staying cost-efficient and agile.

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  • Cloud Storage

    Data Storage in a Cloud Environment

    With more data being created, stored and shared in the cloud, organizations need to pay more attention than ever to the most efficient and effective ways to store data in the cloud. This site offers practical advice and ideas that can be implemented immediately for a range of benefits.

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  • IT Modernization

    New Imperatives For IT: Driving Success in a Changing World

    Learn how to leverage technologies such as hybrid cloud, AI, hyperconvergence, all-flash storage and more—all of which are vital to IT and business transformation success in 2021 and beyond.

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  • User Experience

    Digital Workspace Spotlight

    Next-generation digital workspaces are the key to user productivity and organizational success. Learn your organization can deliver on that promise.

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