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Five Quick Links: Understanding cloud security risks

Security is a major concern when adopting public or private cloud. IT teams need to understand what threats exist and how to mitigate them.

Do the challenges of public or private cloud security outweigh the benefits? It’s important to stay informed about existing security concerns, how your enterprise can avoid them and what security practices you should have in place. These five quick links will help you navigate the concerns surrounding cloud security and the basics of protecting your cloud.  

1. Data security in the cloud: tactics and practices
Cloud computing has the tendency to amplify any IT pro’s security concerns. Follow these guidelines to quell fears and set a baseline for your enterprise’s public or private cloud security.

2. Using identity federation to lock down your cloud
Sure, with one or two cloud-based apps, it’s easy to remember security credentials. But what if you have more than a dozen, all with separate logins? The constant reevaluation is enough to drive anyone crazy. This guide on identity federation explains how to centrally manage security without compromising it.

3. Securing virtual machines in the cloud
Your typical firewall or antivirus software just won’t cut it when it comes to inspecting the high-level traffic on your cloud-based virtual machine. Fortunately, vendors are coming forward with specialized protection to meet your needs.

4. Cloud security advances not yet on IT radar
Vendors are offering numerous new options in cloud computing security -- but are IT professionals listening and ready? Concerns over malware, specifically, still dominate the discussion.

5. Can you trust your public cloud provider?
A lack of trust can ruin any relationship, but is a distrust of public cloud providers valid? Enterprise IT, especially at large enterprises, is wary of public cloud vendors. How can you save and strengthen this relationship?

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