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Managing the hybrid cloud model

Management tactics shouldn't change just because you have a hybrid cloud. Here are five points every hybrid cloud manager should follow.

For an enterprise to seriously consider adopting the hybrid cloud model, the implementation must be designed so IT pros manage it with the same veracity as an existing private cloud. Here, we examine ways to manage a hybrid cloud -- assuming that the IT teams will follow the enterprise ITIL best practices.

No matter how carefully you have selected a public cloud service and how well it matches your private cloud design, differences will inevitably exist. The greater the differences between the two clouds, the more difficult it will be to manage the two clouds as a single entity. The greatest gains will be achieved in extending, as much as possible, your existing management strategies and best practices to the hybrid cloud.

A management strategy for hybrid clouds should cover the following areas:

Configuration. IT teams must specify best practices for creating, modifying, patching and implementing a cloud installation. A version-controlled library of development and approved production images can help make configuration more effective and secure. Wherever possible, configurations should be created to run in either the public cloud or private cloud. When this isn't the case, the library system should clearly specify with which cloud the image is associated.

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Mark, hybrid cloud management tools are still in their infancy. More companies are adopting a hybrid cloud strategy and that is driving the demand for these tools. We are already seeing it today where private cloud management vendors are expanding their tools to be hybrid cloud management tools.

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