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Top five cloud management tips of 2011

Balancing costs, benefits and performance can make cloud management tricky. Our experts can help with these top cloud management tips of 2011.

More companies made the decision to adopt cloud this year -- but that decision is just the beginning. Next comes weighing cloud providers’ services and how they can work for you, coming to grips with the economics involved and monitoring performance. With so many balls in the air when it comes to cloud management, our experts can help IT admins stay on point with these top five cloud management tips of 2011.

5. IT infrastructure roadmap to the cloud

Cloud costs are the industry’s dirty little secret, but unknown costs shouldn’t be a roadblock to legitimizing public cloud. It’s important to plan for all areas of your business when adopting public cloud. Our expert reveals things to consider about cloud computing models -- cost, management, storage and security.

4. Enterprise cloud licensing basics

While managing licensing has never been a walk in the park, with the rising relevancy of enterprise cloud, it has become more convoluted. Before you head to the drawing board to build your cloud, be sure to research licensing models and keep them in mind during the entire construction process. In this tip, our expert helps gets back to cloud licensing basics.

3. Managing cloud-based disaster recovery

Though you can hope tragedy never strikes, all enterprises and SMBs should be equipped with a disaster recovery (DR) plan. Moving DR to the cloud has several advantages, but hands-free operation isn’t one of them. Cloud-based DR requires strict supervision. In this tip, learn the key to successful DR management.

2. Sharding relational databases in the cloud

With things like Web commerce, social media, mobile communication and machine-to-machine traffic, the amount of big data in your cloud can become unmanageable. That’s when sharding becomes an important part of your cloud plan. Our expert details when you may need to shard database tables and how to execute.

1. VMware vCloud Director configuration: How to begin

Configuring VMware’s vCloud Director can be daunting. To get over your apprehension, it’s helpful to start at the beginning. In this first tip of our vCloud series, our expert leads you step by step through the process. Once you’re caught up, you can learn how to define and allocate vCloud Director resources and then finalize the configuration.

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