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VMware vCloud Express providers:, Logica and Melbourne IT, Logica, and Melbourne IT may not fit the bill as as vCloud Express providers, mainly because they seemed to have missed the "express" part of vCloud Express. And according to our contributor, a product being in Beta doesn't mean it shouldn't work well.

This is part three of a multi-part series on the various VMware vCloud Express providers. If you're just joining us, please take a moment to read the introduction and proceed from there.


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My biggest complaint with bluelock was the lack of published pricing. counterpunches that concern by publishing pricing on the front page.

 Processor and memory 1 CPU 2 CPU 4 CPU Billing
512 MB $0.042 $0.045 $0.049 Hourly
1 GB $0.068 $0.076 $0.084 Hourly
2 GB $0.123 $0.138 $0.154 Hourly
4 GB $0.224 $0.256 $0.272 Hourly
8 GB $0.358 $0.421 $0.484 Hourly
Per Gigabyte     $0.50 Monthly
Per Gigabyte     $0.17 Monthly

Another immediate advantage over bluelock is that has the ability to upload and import a Virtual Machine Disk Format (VMDK) file. Should the transfer be interrupted, the transfer will be continued from where it left off during a retry. Once the upload is complete the user receives an email letting them know they are ready for business.

Registering for an account is fairly straight forward, and does ask for a credit card number. also (wisely) asks if the customer needs a domain name, needs to transfer a name, or if they want to use IP only. In my opinion, all cloud service providers should take advantage of domain registration, even if it is an extremely low margin business. Domain registration can lock in customers to much like people become tethered to cell phone providers in the United States.

One thing worth noting is that appears to only have US-based data centers. Amazon clearly has the leg-up in this regard. Once completing the checkout process the user receives an order confirmation email and is then instructed to wait for an email granting access to the control panel.

That was three hours ago. Not quite express; move on folks.

Logica is a United Kingdom-based vCloud Express provider. Sadly, the only thing worth noting about Logica is that it has a meager contact form. If at least has a train station but lacks the express train, Logica is apparently still laying the track.

I want an on-demand instance; not to talk to a salesperson in the UK.

Melbourne IT
Does MelbourneIT, an Australian vCloud Express provider one-up the British? Sort of, but it's a shallow victory.

Perusing the MelbourneIT vCloud Express webpage, I am pleased to see a published pricing list, as follows (using 1 AUD = .915 USD):


Processor and memory 1 CPU 2 CPU 4 CPU Billing
512 MB $0.050 $0.056 N/A Hourly
1 GB $0.081 $0.092 N/A Hourly
2 GB $0.153 $0.178 N/A Hourly
4 GB $0.298 $0.346 N/A Hourly
8 GB N/A N/A N/A Hourly
Per Gigabyte     $0.299 Monthly
Per Gigabyte     $0.958 Monthly

During the registration process I stumbled upon a small issue where a US state cannot be selected from the drop down, even when USA is set as the country. Apparently, this isn't a Yank-friendly cloud. MelbourneIT does ask for a credit card but does say that vCloud Express is currently under beta, and customers will not be charged at this time.

Upon completing the registration form I am greeted with a message stating that someone will contact me within two days. Is that US days or AUS days? Either way, that's two days too long.


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Jason Langone is vice president of Virtualization Services at Infinite Group, Inc. He has spoken at VMworld, Green Computing Summit and Virtualization Congress. Langone won the VMware Vanguard Award in 2007 and has architected some of the largest virtualization and cloud computing implementations to date. His solutions have been primarily implemented at Fortune Global 500 and public sector organizations and have received various accolades. Langone's focus remains on designing virtualization and cloud computing solutions in large-scale environments.

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