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Cloud computing mini-guide

Find the latest cloud computing articles, tips, and expert responses with the cloud computing mini-guide.

Is this the dawning of the age of hosted providers?
Recently we spoke with John Rymer, analyst with Forrester. The topic was going to be cloud computing, but Rymer advised that this term, for now at least, has hardly any meaning. That is because anything that is remotely new is being called a 'cloud solution.'

Is Microsoft dissing SOA just to push Azure Cloud computing?
At PDC, Microsoft's Bob Muglia positioned 'the Cloud' as the next big thing after SOA. The Cloud is better because it scales better, in Muglia's view. Analysts say the comparisons are poor and the criticisms are faulty.

Software start-up credits Amazon Cloud computing for cost savings
Can't come up with the $100,000 for new hardware servers in this credit crunched economy? Put your software on the Cloud for $2,000 per month, says Billy Marshall, chief strategy officer for rPath. He's speaking from experience because that is what he's done at rPath, a Raleigh NC-based 40+ employee startup offering products for the creation, distribution, and maintenance of applications as virtual appliances. Marshall feels the pressure to conserve cash and says the Cloud is helping rPath reduce hardware expenses. He argues that the Cloud could help other companies, small and large, get through this recession. Marshall shared some of his experiences in this interview with

Cloud computing as cure for over-used software services
Are you ready for re-use? Enterprise architects know there is a dual-edged sword to service-oriented architecture. That is: When SOA succeeds and component re-use occurs, popular services can become overtaxed, and performance suffers. That turns out to be one of the places where emerging Cloud computing can help, said an early Cloud pioneer.

Microsoft Azure Platform moves Windows to compute cloud
Microsoft is promoting cloud computing as a follow-on to service-oriented architecture. At its Professional Developer Conference (PDC) in Los Angeles, company technology strategist Ray Ozzie said Azure will support SQL Server and the .NET Framework. He said the open platform could support frameworks and languages such as Eclipse and PHP as well.

Oracle to put Fusion middleware in Amazon Compute Cloud
What is in cloud computing? Now you can add Oracle Fusion middleware to the list. Plans to make Fusion available via the Amazon Cloud were part of the first day salvo at Oracle Open World in San Francisco.

Lock-in, security loom as dark side of compute cloud
Cloud computing is on a tear. But, ask some viewers, is it a good idea to have XML Schema, process definitions and policies floating out in the cloud? A Mule Source executive says the cloud can lead to vendor lock-in too.

Quan on the Cloud part 1: IBM Autonomics director heralds user facing applications
What does cloud computing mean at IBM? Dennis Quan, director of development in IBM's Autonomic Computing division, answers that question in this interview.

Quan on the Cloud part 2: IBM Autonomics director sees a service-oriented phenomenon
In Part 2 of this interview with Dennis Quan, he discusses the relationship between Cloud computing and SOA, new data centers supporting Cloud, developing the next generation of Cloud developers, and IBM's partnership with Google and the Android mobile platform.

Cloud Computing Programming API Tutorial
Developers have a wide range of platforms to choose from in creating cloud-based applications. Two of the most popular platforms are Amazons Elastic Computing Cloud (EC2) and the Google App Engine. In addition there are a wide variety of other platforms that have not gotten as much press, but are making traction such as environment. In this guide, we will dive into some of the more interesting sites with development resources and tips to get the developer rolling. Find out about the trends for APIs in emerging cloud computing architectures.

Vitria iPod model for BPM
BPM modeling tools are bridging the gap between business and IT, so both sides can take advantage of emerging technology trends including Web 2.0 and cloud computing, says John Goble, vice president product marketing, Vitria Technology Inc.

Backup to the compute cloud
William Brogden discusses the essential trends involved in the wide range of distributed computing configurations that cloud computing can accomplish.

Seeing cloud computing clearly
Cloud computing has become very popular, but are there negative side effects consumers aren't aware of? Jason Bloomberg discusses the meaning of cloud computing.

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