Addressing and improving cloud performance issues

Apparently there are a lot of people out there who still don't understand what cloud computing is, or at least that's what a recent study by CompTIA has found. If you're one of those people, clearly you've come to the right place. In other news, Steve Riley, the technical lead for Riverbed, discusses the issues with cloud performance and how it needs to improve, as well as an explanation about why he left AWS. He also shares his opinion on how close IT providers are to solving security issues in the cloud in this week's episode of Cloud Cover TV.

This week we discuss:

  • Verizon bought CloudSwitch, which makes software that moves internal apps and data to the cloud
  • Will Verizon maintain CloudSwitch's support of mutli-clouds, specifically Amazon's?
  • Eucalyptus released version 3 of its software, with high-availability features
  • OpenStack is offering courses to teach users how to install, run and operate an OpenStack cloud
  • According to CompTIA, people still don't understand what cloud computing is
  • Steve Riley, technical lead for Riverbed, discusses his departure from AWS and why he chose Riverbed
  • The different uses of AWS, and how information is stored in the public cloud
  • How cloud performance needs to improve
  • How users can take advantage of cloud diversity
  • Why people are picking Amazon over other cloud providers and vice versa
  • Where the action lies for cloud performance
  • How to optimize codes to improve cloud performance
  • Cloud providers are reluctant to create customized instances of what they're doing
  • Problems with multi-tenancy are somewhat improved, but not necessarily solved
  • The technical aspects of solving security issues in the cloud is largely complete
  • High quality clouds are safe places to store data
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