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Avoid tech talent shortage with recruiting tools

New approaches to computer education and autonomic computing will help fill the developer shortage gap in a short period of time, according to Capgemini Senior Vice President Subir Dutt. "There is a tech talent shortage, but there is hope," he said.

As noted in a tech talent shortage series on sister website SearchSoftwareQuality, coder job openings are up nearly 90% over the last year in the U.S., and observers predict shortfalls of up to 900,000 developers by 2020 in Europe.

An expert in digital transformation and autonomic computing, Dutt gave an Oracle OpenWorld 2015 presentation, "Beyond an All-or-Nothing Approach: Hybrid as a Strategy for Transformation," about those topics and the need for an organizational change. He discussed the tech talent shortage and the use of recruiting tools in a video interview with SearchCloudApplications during the conference.

One cause of the tech labor shortage is businesses' failure to address the manageability of increasingly complex IT systems, according to Dutt, who also serves as the global Oracle practice leader for Capgemini. Autonomic computing, a model wherein systems run and manage themselves, will allow companies to do more IT development and management with fewer tech employees.

Another root cause of the tech talent shortage is the failure to change valuations of staff qualifications. Rather than looking only at candidates with university degrees in computer science, businesses should look for those who can use the tools required, according to Dutt. Look for specific skillsets and candidates who have completed apprentice programs, nontraditional certification or tech vocational schools.

In this video, Dutt shares more insights into ways to address the tech talent shortage.

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