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Cloud first, cloud best for many workloads

Plenty of enterprises are testing the waters of cloud with test and dev servers. But moving real production workloads to the cloud is working out very well for some enterprises.

And some of the reasons behind those cloud moves are surprising. In one case, compliance actually got easier and cheaper in the cloud, when Amazon's servers and services were able to provide added security. In another instance, the IT team's overall "cloud-first" mentality has led to scripted automation across the board, leading to more consistency and cost savings. For companies with geographically dispersed staff, handling production workloads as cloud workloads adds flexibility and accessibility for many employees.

The e-zine and this accompanying video also tackle these topics:

  • Desktop as a service (DaaS) could be the ticket for virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) to sweep through data centers. This trend of hosting desktops in the cloud is catching on for organizations looking for desktop delivery without the back-end storage and systems to support VDI. After years of VDI predictions, DaaS may have hit the sweet spot for enterprise desktop delivery.
  • Today's office and IT worlds have changed quickly. That means that IT staff members' jobs have changed too. Techie users mean that IT teams aren't needed like they used to be. But their jobs today include plenty of back-end details, along with user support.

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