Egnyte CEO downplays competition with Dropbox

We've talked about the importance of Dropbox, and Egnyte is often thought of as the Dropbox of the enterprise. Vineet Jain, CEO and founder of Egnyte, discusses the benefits his company provides for small and medium-sized businesses and where they're looking to go in the future on this week's episode of Cloud Cover TV.

We discuss:

  • Egnyte is thought of as Dropbox for the enterprise
  • It replaces the physical file server for SMBs
  • Combination of on premise and in the cloud
  • Befriends IT and gives them control
  • Manifestation of a physical file server with real time auditing capabilities
  • Accessible via mobile devices
  • Map folders as a virtual drive, functions like a C-drive
  • Larger companies are given "local cloud" that can live on any machine, from a mobile device to NAS
  • Replicate subsets of folders across multiple locations, they are absolute copies of your data
  • 10,000 customers, half a million seats, largest deployment is 7,000 seats
  • Egnyte runs its own infrastructure, three data centers: two in the U.S. and one in Europe
  • More work to do on encryption; working on encryption key that can only be managed by the customer
  • This is a big challenge when you have to share your data with outside entities
  • Make key available for short period of time, store it in escrow for a specific period
  • Will have this capability by mid-Q2
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