Open source's influence on enterprise cloud

Though enterprises have hesitated in adopting the cloud, new innovations in integrating open source into services is making the move more enticing for IT pros. Abiquo's CEO Pete Malcolm explains how the company is bridging problems many enterprises have with the public cloud in this week's episode of Cloud Cover TV.

We discuss:

  • OpenStack's impact in the cloud computing world 
  • The community version of Abiquo's Infrastructure as a Service and enterprise growth 
  • What features people will be willing to pay for 
  • Provisioning virtual networks 
  • Why it's taking so long for cloud to take off with enterprises 
  • Forrester's research on the private cloud 
  • The criteria for scoring private cloud companies in Forrester's study 
  • Abiquo's plans for the future with a hypervisor solution 
  • Bridging problems enterprises have with public cloud 
  • The impact cost has on the cloud computing world
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