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ScaleXtreme CEO discusses systems management for the cloud

Nand Mulchandani, CEO of ScaleXtreme, talks about the problems with existing systems management software from CA, BMC, IBM, HP, etc. He also explains why these products are unable to manage both private and public cloud-based servers in this week's episode of Cloud Cover TV.

We discuss:

  • ScaleXtreme is a Software as a Service company that sells systems management software for public and private cloud servers
  • It manages the lifecycle of cloud-based machines which includes starting and stopping the machine, patching, auditing, compliance, audit, configuration, inventory and license tracking
  • Differences between cloud-based machines that are highly standardized and built from a template versus enterprise IT systems that are often all unique, non-uniform and built from scratch
  • Enterprise IT is trying to move toward the template model
  • Large hosting company is using ScaleXtreme to move its test and development machines off VMware internally to Amazon EC2
  • Machines behind the firewall need to be treated the same from a management perspective as machines in the cloud, through one management console
  • Agent has to be installed on every machine to bring it into the ScaleXtreme service
  • ScaleXtreme is working on a gateway product that will sit behind a company’s firewall and talk directly to ScaleXtreme’s service so that users can provision as well as manage internal machines on VMware infrastructure.
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