Service providers dominate cloud business

Things continue to change in the cloud, and the real cloud action is falling to service providers instead of big names like Amazon and enterprise private clouds. But this shift has some consequences for other players in the cloud computing market. Geva Perry, cloud consultant, analyst and blogger for "Thinking Out Cloud," stops by to share his thoughts on what's going on in the cloud market now in this week's episode of Cloud Cover TV.

We discuss:

  • This week Dimension Data bought OpSource and GoDaddy was bought by a private equity consortium
  • Amazon Web Services is on the fringes, and private cloud in the enterprise is still new
  • Service providers of all shapes and sizes are where the cloud action is
  • What does this mean for other players in the cloud market?
  • GoDaddy is preparing to launch an Infrastructure as a Service called Data Center On-Demand
  • Geva Perry, cloud consultant, analyst and blogger, shares his thoughts on what’s happening in the cloud computing market
  • Why the big telcos in the U.S. aren’t in the cloud, but international ones are
  • Why Amazon and Google were able to pull off the cloud in the U.S.
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