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Skytap EaaS offers instant environments

Before cloud computing, software development and test teams often had to wait weeks for IT to provide servers, and then they had to manually set up their environments. With the cloud offering Skytap environments as a service (EaaS), they wait seconds. The latest release came out during JavaOne 2014 on Oct. 1.

Skytap EaaS delivers self-service access to a catalog of complete multi-tier, production-like environments, pre-configured and ready to run. “With a click, testers can deploy any environment from their own desktops,” said Andy Wright, Skytap marketing VP, at JavaOne 2014.

By providing snapshots and clones of any environment, including the memory state and all running clients, Skytap EaaS reduces the time spent by developers trying to reproduce defects found by quality assurance (QA). 

Skytap EaaS gives dev/test teams fully configured self-service test labs in the company’s cloud infrastructure of choice. “No one wants to wait months for an IT department to provide provisioned servers for testing,” Wright said. Users have cut two to four weeks off software release cycles, because they’re not waiting for resources, provisioning servers or manually setting up test labs. “With Skytap, dev/test teams can spin up complete environments in seconds,” he said.

Prices range from $30 to $60 per month, per computing unit/average computing hours.

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