What are cloud databases all about?

Ever wondered what databases in the cloud really are or what they can do for you? So have we. Razi Sharir, CEO of Xeround, a cloud database company, explains what cloud database services do, who's using them and what's coming from Xeround in the near future in this week's episode of Cloud Cover TV.

We discuss:

  • What are databases in the cloud?
  • Why are people using databases in the cloud?
  • SQL databases in the cloud versus NoSQL
  • SQL optimizied for local storage, local app, not the cloud
  • Underneath the hood Xeround is a NoSQL database but also supports LDAP, MySQL 
  • Cloud-agnostic 
  • Consume Xeround's database as a service like Intel inside 
  • Oracle realized it can't keep only playing the SQL game 
  • Few thousand customers using Xeround 
  • Enterprises distributed worldwide are interested in Xeround 
  • Run database in multiple places at the same time, run locally and in the cloud, in hybrid mode
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